Dade City's Wild Things

Dade City's Wild Things is not like any zoo you have been to. You will be on an adventure with a guide that brings you closer than ever to some magnificent animals on our guided Sunken Jungle Trek or Jungle Safari Rides, along with options to add on amazing personal encounters with tiger cubs, monkeys, gator, big cat feedings and more.

Home of the internationally seen "Swim with a Tiger" and "Tampa Bay's Mystery Monkey" and the "Wild H2O" show, featuring World Famous "Randy the Tiger Man." 

Not a Typical ZOO

Dade City's Wild Things is a beautiful 22-acre zoo located in the historical Dade City. We pride ourselves on providing a natural botanical garden landscape environment for the animals in our facility. Stop by and visit our GIFT SHOP, featuring zoo animal themed home decor, jewelry, tiffany lamps, photos, art works, stuffed animals, educational toys, games and gifts for all ages. All proceeds go to support the animals. From the gift shop you can jump on our authentic street trolly to take a short ride to the zoo. Experience a "once in a lifetime" walking trek or Safari Tram Ride of over 200 ANIMALS ON EXHIBIT, surrounded by a natural botanical garden landscape.

You will be amazed at how close you will be to staking tigers, playing bears, roaring lions, mischievous monkeys, swimming otters, calling birds and so much more! It will be an experience you will never forget as these animals interace with your personal guide, in most cased within three feet of your group! 

We oofer Animal Encounters as an addition to any of our tours or packages or private encounters. 

Our mission is to provide quality, lifetime care for animals needing homes and to educate the public about these creatures that share our planet and to instill in our visitors a love for all animals.

We are also licensed and inspected by the State of Florida and Federally by Aphis-USDA Animal Care. We work closely with State and Federal agencies and USDA facilities and zoos throughout the United States to rescue, adopt or place more animals, as they need homes.


Dade City's Wild Things

Meridian Avenue & 17th Street
37237 Meridian Avenue
Dade City, FL 33525

352-567-WILD (9453)

Zoo Tours:

Sunken Jungle Tours: 9:30am & 2:00pm (Adult $22.99; Senior 55+ $20.99; Child 2-12 $15.99; Under 2 Free)

Jungle Safari Ride: 10:30am; 1:30pm & 3:00pm (Adult $14.99; Senior 55+ $13.99; Child 2-12 $12.99; Under 2 Free)

Jungle Fun Pass: 9:30am & 10:30am (Adult $32.99; Senior 55+ $29.99; Child 2-12 $24.99; Under 2 Free) Includes: Sunken Jungle Tour, Jungle Safari Ride, and an educational talk with one of our ambassador animals, No touching.

Tour & 4 Encounters: For Sunken Jungle Trek: 9:30am & 2:00pm; For Jungle Safari Ride: 10:30am; 1:30pm & 3:00pm (Adult $79.99; Senior 55+ $75.99; Child 2-12 $70.99; Under 2 Free for tour but not animal encounter) Includes: Sunken Jungle Tour or Jungle Safari Rides and your choice of four Animal Encounters from A or B

All Access Pass: 9:30am & 10:30am (Adult $49.99; Senior 55+ $47.99; Child 2-12 $45.99; Under 2 Free for tour but not animal encounter) Includes: Sunken Jungle Tour, Jungle Safari Ride and an Animal Encounter

Annual Pass: Unlimited access to Sunken Jungle Trek & Jungle Safari Ride (Adults $55.00; Senior 55+ $52.50; Child 2-12 $45.99

Family Pass For 4:
9:00am, 9:30am & 10:30am (Two Adults & Two Children 2-12 $199.99) Includes: Sunken Jungle Tour, Jungle Safari Ride, an Animal Encounter from Class B, plus photo package

Other Tours: Private Animal Encounters, Swim With A Tiger or Gator, Special Feeding Tours, Photo Tours, Zoo-Riffic Birthday Parties, Zoo-School-For-U, Zoo Camp and Zookeeper Courses
see website for more information.

Animal Encounters take place at the end of each tour. 

Please arrive 30 minutes before tour times. Prices are subject to change.

Photo Package: $24.95 Includes all photo's taken for the day for your entire group-30 days unlimited downloads.
Swim's and Privates - includes a photo package of your experience, including action shots and posed shots with your cub. 

See our website for list of animals, complete details on all tours and prices.

Please note that the taking of photos or recording of videos is not permitted on our tours during encounters due to time contraints and distraction issues for the Animas. To provide a better experience for our guest and the animals, a zoo employee will be present to take photos of any hands-on encounters. These photos can only be purchased through our website before date of tour or at the gift shop following your zoo adventure. Photos are included free of charge when booking an All-Access Family Pass, Private Animal Encounter, Tiger Swim or Gator Swim.


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